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Best First Date (Week 1 Award Focus)

FPP - Best First Date Graphic (Wk 1 July 31 - Aug 6)

When we win, you win. 🙂
Since you just named Flingers the “Best Place for a First Date,” we’re saying thank you by offering our popular date night C2D2 special every day for the rest of the week! (It’s usually only a Thursday thing, but this week, it’s an every day thing.)
So come dine in now thru Sunday (Aug. 6), and you’ll get one of our medium craft pizzas and 2 draft beers for just $19.99.
And thanks again for your support!
Here’s some additional stuff, if you’re interested: 🙂
You recently carried Flingers to 4 awards in the Pantagraph Readers’ Choice voting, so assuming there might be some new folks checking us out, we wanted to individually highlight each award over the next 4 weeks as a way to introduce you to Flingers. This week, we’re focused on our Best Place for a First Date award….
Let’s be real…rightly or wrongly, a first date is all about making a good impression. And since Bloomington-Normal is the land of a thousand restaurants, you want to prove you have creativity, style and taste…which means chain restaurants are out. Come on, no matter how good the food is, you don’t want to take a first date to a chain that can be found literally everywhere. Boring. So first off, you have to go local.
From there, it’s about tone. On a first date, you probably don’t want to look like you’re trying TOO hard by going overboard with the potentially intimidating, romantic fine-dining, white tablecloth, expensive places. But you also might not want to be TOO casual and go to a sports bar or a food truck. So you need something in the middle…casual but high quality, energetic and fun but not so crazy loud that you can’t have a conversation.
Then there’s the type of food. On future dates, you’ll be ready for something more exotic and complicated, but on the first date, you simply can’t go wrong with pizza and beer. If your date isn’t into pizza & beer, THAT’S A BAD SIGN. lol…
Finally, the price. You don’t want to be a cheapskate, but you probably aren’t looking to drop $150 either. You want something manageable and reasonable that you could easily swing if you decide to cover the whole check yourself.
So the voters may have considered Flingers a great place for a first date because we’re local, we specialize in the tried-and-true first date formula of pizza & beer, and our atmosphere strikes that nice balance of laid-back & lively. We’ve got exposed brick walls, cool tap handles everywhere, bright colorful menus, custom-made artwork on the walls featuring our craft pizza characters, a fun beer card binder explaining all the craft beer on tap and how it tastes… Some of those things are great conversation starters for a first date. And at the end of the night, the bill won’t wreck you. 🙂
If you’re still reading this far (haha), hopefully that gives you a bit of a window into Flingers. When we opened at this new location in September 2015, we actually paid a lot of attention to the type of mood/atmosphere/tone the place would have, and if you’ve never been before, we hope you’ll think it’s a pretty rad joint. Especially if you’re on your first date. 🙂
And remember, as a way to say thank you, all this week (thru Sunday, Aug. 6), we’re offering our date night C2D2 special….a medium Craft pizza & 2 Draft beers for 2 people. For just $19.99. (dine in only)