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The Sunday Game Board


What’s the Sunday Game Board? Well, you like the idea of game night with friends, and you also like the idea of going out for pizza and beer. But you’re never quite sure if you can do both. I mean, can you just sit in a restaurant and build a Jenga tower, or accuse someone of being Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the Ballroom, or really expect someone to give you 3 bricks for a sheep?

Yes. Yes you can. 🙂

Every Sunday at Flingers, we’re providing a stack of games and giving you complete and total permission to come eat pizza and drink beer while trying not to explode your kittens. So whenever your crew gets here, just grab something off the table and start playing…while also enjoying select half price beers through our WhichCraft Special!


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As a reminder, here’s a sampling of the available games for you to grab & play when you all get here:

Exploding Kittens (NSFW)
Exploding Kittens (normal)
Cards Against Humanity (2 copies)
Dutch Blitz
Taboo (2 copies)
Apples to Apples (2 copies)
Settlers of Catan (2 copies)
Codenames Pictures
…and then about 10 different decks of regular playing cards

So no more wondering whether you’re “allowed” to sit and play games, because on Sundays at Flingers, it’s not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

The Sunday Game Board, every Sunday at Flingers!