April’s Monthly Fling (2020)

April's Monthly Fling Winners

April is not canceled. At least not for your Monthly Fling.

You voted from among some of last year’s best-sellers and assembled your own greatest hits album for the month of April, headlined by Ya Filthy Animal (the Home Alone-inspired pizza featuring crispy breaded chicken, diced tomato, fresh mozzarella, Italian seasoning and fresh basil)….and backed-up by Smoked Gouda Mac Bites and Spicy Korean BBQ Wings. Available now for pickup and delivery.

Sure it’s just pizza & wings, but hopefully it can remind you of what’s normal, get you through the abnormal, and give you hope that normal will return again. Remember, April showers…bring May flowers.

Ya Filthy Animal ($15.49/$19.49)
Spicy Korean BBQ Wings ($7.99/$14.99)
Smoked Gouda Mac Bites ($6.99)

Flingers April Monthly Fling - Filthy Animal

Flingers April Monthly Fling Smoked Gouda Mac Bites

Flingers April Monthly Fling Spicy Korean BBQ Wings