Best Pizza, Best Bar, Best Delivery | 2017 & 2018 Back to Back Winners

Pantagraph readers voted, and somehow, for the 2nd year in a row, Flingers Pizza Pub won Best Pizza, Best Bar, and Best Delivery in the 2018 Pantagraph Readers’ Choice Awards!

Wait, really?

** checks for typo **

…and also this year, you named us the 2nd Best Overall Restaurant in all of Bloomington Normal.

…lol, what?

** typo-checking intensifies **

Maybe we just have a good ‘get out the vote’ operation. Or maybe there’s been a hilarious oversight. Or maybe…you actually like us? Either way, we’ve already put the new awards up on the wall, so no takesies-backsies. :-)

Seriously though, thank you. We know there’s a LOT of great local bars, pizza joints, delivery places, and restaurants in this town. We’re humbled and honored to carry the flag in our categories again this year. We’ll keep doing our best to earn it.