Lightning Lunch Returns! (Oct 5)

As of Monday, October 5th, the Lightning Lunch is back! Every weekday from 11a-1p, slices, salads, and combos will be ready when you get here. More info.

October’s Monthly Fling 2020


Put on your sweatpants and get comfy. It’s October’s Monthly Fling. Order online now.

Straight-up comfort food this month, featuring one of our boldest craft creations yet: introducing The Roast Beast. Loaded with beef pot roast, onions, carrots, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and fresh rosemary, it’s like your crock pot exploded onto a pizza crust. There’s no sauce base because there doesn’t need to be. The juices from the roast do all the work, and it’s incredible. Close your eyes, and you’re eating beef stew. HAVE IT.

As if that’s not comfy enough, we’ve got new Mac & Cheese & Bacon Fries, featuring fun new Dip ‘N’ Wedges so you can scoop up all the goodies. (Prediction: these will be a huge hit.) For dessert, it’s a mouth-watering Cinnamon Apple Cheesecake, entirely homemade, with cream cheese, fresh apples, and cinnamon toast crunch! And at the bar, we’ve brought back our fan favorite Pumpkin Pie cocktail.

Test the strength of your elastic waistband. It’s October’s Monthly Fling, available at Flingers Pizza Pub during October only, for both indoor & outdoor dining, pickup and delivery.
The Roast Beast ($15.49/$19.49)
Mac & Cheese & Bacon Fries ($9.99)
Cinnamon Apple Cheesecake ($7.49) n/a for delivery
Pumpkin Pie cocktail ($6) dine-in only



September’s Monthly Fling 2020


Your mouth isn’t prepared for all this hotness. It’s September’s Monthly Fling. Order online now.

Turn up the heat with The Party Fowl, the new pizza featuring our Nashville Hot fried chicken (tossed in our Flingers original recipe, made-from-scratch Nashville hot sauce) on a ranch & coleslaw base with a mozzarella-gouda cheese blend. It’s gonna be a hit. We predict you’ll order it at least 3 times this month. 😉

The fling fills-out with a trifecta of appetizing baskets. First, your new favorite might be these Chipotle Honey BBQ Rib Tips, featuring a mountain of pecanwood smoked meat, offered in either a half pound or a full pound. But when you’re ready to re-ignite the furnace, choose the Jalapeño Popper Toasted Ravioli or an order of Texas Dust Wings featuring a Texas Dust dry rub.

Not to be outdone, the bar is fanning the flames with the Bourbon Smashville!, featuring Buffalo Trace, mezcal, and fresh blackberries. It’s the cocktail for a smoky mountain high.

Come enjoy a slow burn this month. It’s September’s Monthly Fling, available at Flingers Pizza Pub during September only, for both indoor & outdoor dining, pickup and delivery.
The Party Fowl ($15.49/$19.49)
Chipotle Honey BBQ Rib Tips ($5.99/$10.99)
Jalapeño Popper Toasted Ravioli ($7.29)
Texas Dust Wings ($8.29/$14.99)
Bourbon Smashville! ($8.50)

Tim Cummings to Become Next Owner of Flingers Pizza Pub

Photo of Tim Cummings, new owner of Flingers Pizza Pub

Tim Cummings, incoming owner of Flingers Pizza Pub


August 31, 2020  |  Introducing Tim Cummings as the incoming owner of Flingers Pizza Pub! In the weeks ahead, Tim and Pat will be working together to ensure a smooth transition before Tim officially takes the ownership reigns toward the end of September. Join us in welcoming Tim to Flingers!

Press release announcing Tim's incoming ownership


Full Text of Above Press Release:


August 31, 2020

The Peoria native will officially take the reigns in September.

Cummings brings a unique perspective, gaining restaurant management experience through his 20’s before becoming a pizzeria owner himself. Most recently, he brings a wealth of operational knowledge from the telecommunications industry, where he has built a long career.

“The industries may be different, but the importance of taking care of the customer is the same,” he said.

Cummings’ prior pizzeria venture was with Abbondante‘s in the 90’s. “I really enjoyed owning my own business,” he said, “and I always said I would get back into this line of work if the right place became available. When I learned Pat was looking to step away from Flingers, I jumped at the chance. It’s not often you find an opportunity to get back into leadership with such an established local brand. Pat and his team have made Flingers a household name, and I’m honored to keep building on that foundation.”

Cummings and Fruin envision a seamless transition without many noticeable changes, and they believe this reassurance is important to both customers and staff.

“I’m not here to start changing things,” Cummings insisted. “This isn’t a failing business that needs a massive overhaul, and I’m not bringing in my own team of people to replace anyone. Far from it. Pat, his team, and a loyal fanbase have built Flingers into a popular fixture of the local restaurant scene, so everything and everyone you know and love will stay the same. Flingers will remain the home of craft pizza and craft beer.”

“The biggest difference will be that now the hard questions come to me instead of Pat,” Cummings joked.

Cummings says his focus will be continuing to oversee many of the decisions & processes implemented by Fruin, while beginning to imagine what it looks like for Flingers to grow.

“Pat is handing-off a fully-developed brand with easily-scalable ideas and products. I’m sure I’ll need a year or two to get my feet under me, but the future is bright, and I’m excited for what the next chapter may hold,” Cummings said.

The exact date of the ownership transition is yet to be determined, and more information will be released as it becomes available. Flingers will celebrate its 5th anniversary at the Vernon Ave location on September 23.


Supplier Inquiries regarding this announcement can be directed to Kelsey McNeilly at [email protected]

Media Inquiries regarding this announcement can be directed to Joshua Shull at [email protected]

August 2020 Monthly Fling

August 2020 Monthly Fling

The Banh Mi

Spicy Cauliflower Bites

Asian Ginger Wings

August Monthly Fling Full Bundle

Come with us, in spirit, across the Pacific. It’s August’s Monthly Fling. Order online now

Let’s turn the perfect Vietnamese sandwich into the perfect Vietnamese pizza. It’s the Banh Mi, featuring shaved beef on a Korean pepper sauce base with a pickled veggie medley of cucumbers, radishes and shredded carrots. Say “bonn me,” not “ban me”. Because you don’t want us to ban you from this one. It’s one of your new Fling favs.

Riding shotgun is a sneaky-good basket of spicy cauliflower bites that you’ll keep popping until they’re gone and you realize you need to order some more. And the Asian Ginger wings showcase a fresh ginger glaze with flavors of savory soy sauce, ripe chiles, and garlic. Yum.

Bring some Asian flavors to your table this month! It’s August’s Monthly Fling, available at Flingers Pizza Pub during August only, for outdoor dining, pickup and delivery.

The Banh Mi ($15.49/$19.49)
Spicy Cauliflower Bites ($6.99)
Asian Ginger Wings ($8.29/$14.99)



July’s Monthly Fling (2020)

Island theme or America theme? Let’s do both. It’s July’s Monthly Fling.

First, it’s the BLT Bomb, as the classic summer comfort food comes to a cheesebomb. The traditional toppings and big flavor will fill you with nostalgic happiness. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s the Total Jerk. This guy is obnoxious. I mean just look at him. His Caribbean jerk sauce and jalapeños will set your mouth on fire, and the chopped garlic and onions will set your breath on fire. (For real though, it’s delicious. Our new smoked chicken tastes killer with the jerk sauce.)

Down menu, it’s the Liberty Salad featuring the red, white, and blue flourish of strawberries, almonds, and blueberries. And then try these Castaway Glaze Wings, featuring tropical & rum flavors. Finally, at the bar, when the world’s weighin’ down on you, Tropic Like It’s Hott. Tropic Like It’s Hott… It’s a rum combo cocktail with lots of refreshing tropical explosions. You’ll love it.

Flip flops, beach, ‘Merica. It’s July Monthly Fling, available at Flingers Pizza Pub during July only, for dine-in, pickup and delivery.

BLT Bomb ($15.49/$19.49)
The Total Jerk ($15.49/$19.49)
Liberty Salad ($8.99)
Castaway Glaze Wings ($8.29/$14.99)
Tropic Like It’s Hott ($6)






Flingers Coronavirus Update (August 17, 2020)

Effective 11am, Monday, August 17, 2020

Updated Monday, October 19, 2020

FLINGERS IS OPEN FOR INDOOR DINING! And you do NOT need a reservation to dine-in.

Welcome back inside! Again!

Effective Monday, August 17, Flingers is back OPEN for inside dining! And of course, pick-Up, delivery, and outdoor seating in the beer garden will also continue! Can’t wait to welcome you back inside!

Flingers is back open for indoor dining, effective August 17





Previous update from July 30

Effective 3pm, Thursday, July 30, 2020


Hey Flingers fans! Effective 3pm July 30, we’ll be back open for delivery, pickup, and outdoor dining! Lots of details below if you’re interested, but here are the headlines: tests were all negative, on-site dining will return exclusively to outdoor-only like we did back in June, and we hope you’ll order Flingers soon!

Flingers public statement explaining our recent July 26 closure and subsequent July 30 re-opening.


FULL TEXT of July 30 statement:

Effective at 3pm, July 30, 2020, Flingers is OPEN for delivery, pickup, and outdoor dining! (Indoor dining will remain suspended indefinitely.)

On Sunday (7/26) we made the decision to close all operations. At the time we made that decision, no employee had received a positive test. Again, we did not close because someone on staff tested positive. Rather, two front-of-house employees responsibly informed us that, during a personal interaction away from Flingers, they had been in the vicinity of someone else who later received a positive test. Our two employees never became symptomatic, and there was never any evidence to suggest they posed a risk, but to err on the aggressive side of caution, we chose to suspend indoor dining, followed shortly thereafter by choosing to close all operations so that any of our staff’s lingering doubts and concerns could be alleviated through an employee-wide round of testing.

New Information:
We’re happy to report that the two employees in question have both tested negative. And not just once, but twice. In our effort to go above-and-beyond and remove any potential false results, Employee 1 was tested twice, as was Employee 2. All four tests came back negative. Subsequently, the rest of our staff also agreed to be tested, and of the 20+ who have received results, all have been negative.

Going Forward:
During our shutdown earlier this week, we created a small internal taskforce charged with developing new policies that protect our team while also avoiding future operational shutdowns. Those details can remain internal (as they impact staff, not customers), but we believe we’ve developed a solid plan which achieves both those goals.

To customers…as we return to delivery, pickup, and outdoor-only dining effective July 30, we expect your experience to be great! Similar to how it was in June, we’ll move the picnic tables back out into the parking lot, and you can still pop inside to use the restroom. The only difference from June is that we will continue with table-side service rather than asking you to order at the outdoor host stand. We hope you’ll choose to come have a beer and dine outside with us soon!





Previous update from Sun, July 26

Effective July 26, 2020, 3pm


Hey everyone. After careful consideration, and out of an abundance of proactive caution, we’ve decided to temporarily shutdown all operations here at Flingers (including delivery and pickup), effective immediately (Sun, 7/26). This week, we’ll continue to deep clean the entire restaurant, and all 40+ employees will receive tests to ensure both good health and peace of mind. This is not a decision we take lightly, but our employees are the engine that makes Flingers run, and their health is our priority. Hang with us. We’ll see you again soon.




Previous Update from Sat, July 25


Hey everyone! We’re suspending indoor dine-in service for the rest of the night (Sat, 7/25) to deep clean the inside of the restaurant, and will then be returning exclusively to outdoor dining service beginning Sunday morning 7/26. Earlier this week, two front-of-house employees were in the vicinity of a person who later received a positive test. This interaction did not take place at Flingers, and as our employees were also properly socially distanced, there’s currently no evidence to suggest they were effected, but to err on the extreme side of caution, we’ve chosen to suspend indoor dine-in. And our two employees are, of course, taking subsequent precautions as well. Pickup and delivery service will safely continue tonight, and outdoor dining in the beer garden will open back up tomorrow (Sunday). If any other updates are necessary, we’ll keep you informed. Thanks!

Thumbnail describing May's Monthly Fling at Flingers Pizza Pub

May Monthly Fling (2020)

The new Desperado pizza at Flingers Pizza Pub

Desperado Pizza in May’s Monthly Fling

The new Street Taco Fries at Flingers Pizza Pub

Street Taco Fries in May’s Monthly Fling

The new Chili-Lime Dry Rub Wings at Flingers Pizza Pub

Chili-Lime Dry Rub Wings in May’s Monthly Fling

The full May Monthly Fling at Flingers Pizza Pub

The full bundle in May’s Monthly Fling


Mask up, outlaw. It’s May’s Monthly Fling. Order online now:

Welcome to the strange wilderness known as May 2020, lol. Blaze a trail through this crucial month with our new pizza…The Desperado. Featuring carnitas & jalapeños on a garlic butter base with a cool rope of cilantro lime crema to balance the heat, we think it’ll be one of your new favorites.

Riding shotgun is a new appetizer of Street Taco Fries, with a pile of carnitas, cheddar, cilantro lime crema, and our homemade pico de gallo smothering a stack of Flingers fries…and then a new Chili-Lime Dry Rub for our wings.

This is one that you don’t overthink; you just order all 3 pieces and enjoy yourself while keeping your eyes on the promised land ahead. Available at Flingers Pizza Pub in May only, for pickup and delivery.
Desperado ($14.99/$18.99)
Chili-Lime Dry Rub Wings ($7.99/$14.99)
Street Taco Fries ($9.49)


Growler Bomb Special

Flingers Growler Bomb Special

NEW SPECIAL! Introducing the Growler Bomb Special, where you get a free Tiny Bomb when you buy a growler of craft beer. More details below…please read ‘em, because your question has already been anticipated & answered.



◾ Special valid Monday thru Thursday only
◾ Yes, the special is available for both pickup and delivery (delivery orders will be credit card only, no cash)
◾ Yes, the special is available through online ordering! (See specific details below)
◾ Yes, the special applies both to new growler jugs from us ($5 upcharge) and refills if you already have a growler. (See specific details below)
◾ No ‘per person’ limits. If you get 3 growlers, you’ll get 3 free Tiny Bombs.
◾ No, you can’t add toppings to your free Tiny Bomb.
◾ In addition to our Online Ordering interface, all growler pricing is also on our Untappd here:
◾ Remember, a growler should be consumed within one week of purchase, and 2 days after opened.



◾ Get started here: and then once you get to the Menu, click the Daily Specials tab on the left. Use this interface to apply your coupon for the Growler Bomb Special and then choose your beer.
◾ If you choose to order online, whether for pickup or delivery, you’ll be buying a new growler jug from us. This is obvious for delivery (since we have to bring your beer to you in something). But for pickup, you may think to yourself, “Hey, I already have my own growler jug, so I’ll order online for pickup, and then I’ll just bring my own growler for a refill…” NO. You can’t do that. Not when ordering online. If you’re ordering online, even for pickup, you must buy a new growler from us. If you want your own growler re-filled, you can’t order online.



◾ Call ahead or order online and we’ll have a filled growler(s) & your free Tiny Bomb(s) waiting for you when you arrive, or…
◾ Just drive-up unannounced and order on-the-spot at the window
◾ If you do just pull up to the pickup window and order on-the-spot, we’ll obviously have to go make your free Tiny Bomb real quick…which is fine! That takes about 10 minutes start-to-finish, so if we finish filling your growler first, we may ask you to pull up out of the way, and then we’ll bring your free Tiny Bomb out to you when it’s done.


PICKUP (if bringing your own growler)

◾ If you’re bringing your own growler for a refill, you MUST order on-the-spot at the window. No call-aheads and no online ordering if you’re bringing your own growlers.
◾ HOWEVER, if you want additional food BEYOND the free Tiny Bomb that comes with your growler, it’s okay to place the additional FOOD order online in advance so we can have it ready when you eventually show up. But if you’re bringing your own growler for a refill, you just can’t do anything “growler-related” in advance.
◾ Also, if you’re bringing your own for a refill, it MUST be a proper 64oz growler or 32oz howler. Random containers will NOT be filled.


GOT ALL THAT! There may be a quiz….lol