January’s Monthly Fling


With 2019 at Flingers comes the launch of The Monthly Fling, where we’re committed to cranking out a small bundle of 2 or 3 new menu items which will be great for a month, then they’ll be over. Just like a fling.

You know, it’s easier to get a table at a pizza place in January because many people equate “getting in shape” with “swearing off pizza.” Some of our regulars disappear in early January, only to return by mid-January (lol) with their heads hanging in shame, as though they’ve already fallen off the wagon. Well, to avoid that nonsensical January guilt-trip and keep you from vanishing for 2 weeks, our lead item in the Monthly Fling is our new health-conscious veggie pizza called… The New Year’s Resolution.

It features artichoke hearts, roma tomato, fresh parsley & spinach and a Mediterranean 3-cheese blend of Feta, shredded parmesan & mozzarella) all on a garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil base. We highly recommend this one on thin crust, and oh man is it fantastic.

We’re bundling it this month with a new Greek Salad (available full-size or as a side salad) which features roma tomato, black olive, cucumber, cilantro, red onion and Feta cheese on crisp romaine lettuce, tossed in our house-made Greek salad dressing.

…and also with our spectacular new Mango Habanero Wings. It combines mango BBQ sweetness and a hint of habanero flavor without the heat, and this new sauce is available on both bone-in wings or boneless wings.

It’s the Monthly Fling, your 2 or 3 new infatuations for the month of January. Get your fill now at Flingers Pizza Pub for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering before you get tired of them and call it quits at the end of the month. Just like a fling.

NOTE: Just to avoid any confusion…these items don’t “come together.” You don’t have to get all of them. You can pick and choose. We’re just “bundling” them together in the sense that they’re all only available in January. So try each one while you can!


Tiny Tap Takeover Tour: Founders BA & Raffle

The 2018 Tiny Tap Takeover Tour continues on Thursday at 4pm as our friends from Founders storm the bar with barrel-aged beer and raffle prizes!
In addition to having most of Founders 2018 barrel-aged series on tap at the same time, we’ll also be raffling off Founders merch in waves throughout the night. Hats, a cooler bag, and even a tent! Get a raffle ticket for every Founders beer you purchase. Then nervously watch your number to see if it gets called.
Here’s the full line-up of beers:
✦ Old Curmudgeon’s Better Half
✦ Backwoods Bastard
✦ Barrel Runner
And we’ll also have cans of All Day IPA if you want to come but aren’t feeling very barrel-agey. 
So tag your friends, because the more Founders beer you buy, the more raffle tickets you’ll get. Make sure you’re down here after 4pm Thursday!

Tiny Tap Takeover Tour: Surly (Darkness 2018)

The 2018 Tiny Tap Takeover Tour continues on Thursday, November 15 at 4pm as darkness descends upon Flingers…
Surly’s Darkness russian imperial stout is consistently one of the highest-rated, most-anticipated beers of the year. Each annual release also features a new piece of killer artwork (which we love around here). Well we just happen to have a batch of 2017 Darkness…AND a batch of 2018 Darkness, so we thought it’d be a fun experience for you to embrace total darkness and drink them side-by-side for the ultimate comparison.
We’ll also have 4 other fantastic Surly brews on-tap, but the headline is Darkness vs. Darkness…
Here’s the full line-up:
◈ Darkness 2018
◈ Darkness 2017
◈ Xtra Citra
◈ Furious
◈ Coffee Bender
◈ Todd the Axeman
You know the drill: make sure you’re down here after 4pm Thursday before the darkness lifts…

Thai Society

Ladies and gents, this is no basic, ordinary Thai-inspired pizza cooked up in a common kitchen. Pish posh. Nay, this is a ThaiTanic Thaicoon at a Black Thai Affair. This is enlightened. This is sophisticated. This….is Thai Society.

The aristocracy begins with our specially-crafted Flingers homemade Peanut Thai Sauce base, which combines creamy peanut butter, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, and sriracha. There’s a small kick to it, but nothing that’ll tongue thai you. Then it’s topped with grilled chicken, red onion, shredded carrots, peppadews, and roasted peanuts…all thai’ing together and delivering a thaidal wave of Thai taste that demands you respect its authorithai.

It’s upper, upper class Thai Society, God’s gift to bar-room pizzariety. So if you like Thai food, get it at Flingers Pizza Pub for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering during November only, before we ditch this bourgeois, glitterati recipe and go back to mixing with the masses.

Oh, and finally, we need to shout very loudly that this product CONTAINS PEANUTS, soybeans, and soy sauce.

Tiny Tap Takeover Tour: Southern Tier

The 2018 Tiny Tap Takeover Tour continues on Thursday at 4pm as we welcome Southern Tier brewing to Flingers for a Fall festival of five frightening flavors. 🎃
For the first time, we’ll be featuring “Warlock” Imperial Pumpkin Stout and bourbon barrel-aged “Oat” Imperial Oatmeal Stout, alongside encore kegs of Pumking, Crème Brûlée, and Cold Press Coffee Pumking. It’s a dark and dreadful twilight of pumpkins & stout, and you won’t want to miss it.
Here’s the full line-up:
🎃 Pumking (Imp. Pumpkin Ale – 8.6%, 30 IBU, 4/5 stars)
🎃 Warlock (Imp. Pumpkin Stout – 8.6%, 40 IBU, 3.98/5 stars)
🎃 Oat (BBA Imp. Oatmeal Stout – 12.6%, 50 IBU, 4.12/5 stars)
🎃 Crème Brûlée (Imp. Milk Stout – 10%, 55 IBU, 3.93/5 stars)
🎃 Cold Press Coffee Pumking (Imp. Pumpkin Ale – 8.6%, 30 IBU, 3.98/5 stars)
Brewery rep will be here with swag, and you can even request an optional rim of cinnamon/sugar or graham crackers on your Pumking glass. So tag your friends and let the suffocating stouty darkness overtake you on Thursday evening at Flingers. 

Tiny Tap Takeover Tour: Stone

The 2018 Tiny Tap Takeover Tour continues on Thursday at 4pm as the spooky beer goblins from Stone Brewing return to possess our handles, and this time they’re bringing the new ParaXtraNormal IPA…which is a special, draft-only release during the month of October. So get it Thursday before it starts to poltergeist your device.

Here’s the full line-up:

— ParaXtraNormal IPA (IPA – 7.7%, 70 IBU, 3.96/5 stars)
— Scorpion Bowl IPA (IPA – 7.5%, 76 IBU, 3.81/5 stars)
— W00t Stout (RIS – 11.5%, 45 IBU, 4.12/5 stars)
— BBA Arrogant Bastard (Strong Ale – 8.1%, 100 IBU, 3.89/5 stars)
— Enjoy By 10.31.18 IPA (DIPA – 9.4%, 90 IBU, 4.23/5 stars)

You know the drill: bring your friends and make sure you’re down here after 4pm Thursday before these kegs start to die! :-)


Rogue Release

October’s gonna be a fun month here at Flingers, as we’re currently chiseling several beer events into our calendar. The first is Thursday at 4pm, when Rogue comes to town for a special Rogue Release of Dead ‘N’ Dead…which is their classic Dead Guy Ale aged in whiskey barrels. We’ve had it. It’s outstanding. You’ll like it.
Additionally, we’ll also have Dead Guy itself on tap, and when you buy a pint of it, it’ll be served in a special Dead Guy glass that you get to keep!
[One glass per customer; while supplies last]
Rogue brewery reps will also be here passing out swag, so don’t be a cold, decaying corpse! Breathe some life into yourself, put an alert in your phone right now for 4pm Thursday at Flingers, and drag some friends to our Rogue Release featuring Dead ‘N’ Dead. 

The Don Bomb


Let’s you and me take a walk. We wanna introduce you to a friend of ours. This here is the Don Bomb.

The Don Bomb made his button back in the Meat Brawls of the 90’s, when all the pizza families were fighting for control of the best meat toppings. Don Bomb single-handedly clipped a whole rival crew over a beef dispute, and the rest hit the mattresses, leaving Don Bomb as the ‘Boss of the Meat Brawls,’ which a few street kids couldn’t pronounce so good, so he got known as Boss Meatballs. It stuck, and from then on, meatballs became his iconic topping. Over the years, when the books were open, he added in some other stand-up guys like spinach, red onion, and the biggest earner: Italian seasoning-infused Ricotta cheese. We think he’s even better dipped in marinara, so he’s always accompanied by some red sauce associates.

The Don Bomb: it’s an offer you can’t refuse. But everyone’s gunning for the boss, so get him at Flingers Pizza Pub for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering during October only, before someone fills his contract and we have to get a place ready.


The Anti-Gyro

You know he’s broken. You know she’s flawed. You know his methods are questionable and that you have every reason to root against her… and yet, like a magnet, we’re all still drawn… to the Anti-Gyro.

Reluctantly making the world a better place, the deliciously defiant Anti-Gyro features a cynically unconventional 3-cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone & feta, with a vengefully self-centered heap of beef & lamb gyro meat. But freshly diced tomatoes and bright dollops of tzatziki sauce remind you there’s a heart of gold in there somewhere.

Are we saying this pizza is as efficiently chaotic as Tyler Durden, Walter White, or Louise Belcher? Yes. Are we saying this pizza is as irresistibly charming as Don Draper, Deadpool, or Captain Jack Sparrow? Yes. Are we saying this pizza is as morally flexible as Dr. House, Wolverine, or Tony Soprano? No. But also yes. It’s flexible.

What we do know is that the Anti-Gyro shows up with perfect timing, like when you think all hope is lost and out of nowhere he swoops in to help you destroy the Death Star. But then he doesn’t hang around for long. Staying put is for heroes, but this is the Anti-Gyro, and she needs to keep moving, before you realize all that anger and resentment is just protecting the big softy on the inside. So during September only, get the tasty new Anti-Gyro at Flingers Pizza Pub for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering.

The Venetian

What happens in Vegas…reminds us of Venice.

A troop of our top brass attended the Vegas Pizza Expo earlier this spring, and one afternoon, Casey woke up to find himself floating around the Doge’s Palace on a long boat beneath a red-scarfed man in a striped shirt and a straw hat. As soon as this pleasant gondolier said, “Ciao!”, inspiration flowed like a Grand Canal and Casey created….the Venetian.

Featuring garlic, fire-roasted tomatoes, and delicious dollops of ricotta cheese, then finished with an olive oil drizzle…this light, summery, all-veggie pizza makes a great last meal before you’re mercilessly dragged across the Bridge of Sighs.

Also….because we love our dough, we generally recommend our hand-tossed crust (shown in the photo) for most pizzas, but several of us thought The Venetian worked particularly well on our thin crust, too. So maybe give thin crust a try for this one and see what you think.

Float into Flingers this month and experience The Venetian before the whole city sinks into the ocean. Get it for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering during August only.