Flingers Coronavirus Update (August 17, 2020)

Effective 11am, Monday, August 17, 2020


Welcome back inside! Again!

Effective Monday, August 17, Flingers is back OPEN for inside dining! And of course, pick-Up, delivery, and outdoor seating in the beer garden will also continue! Can’t wait to welcome you back inside!

Flingers is back open for indoor dining, effective August 17





Previous update from July 30

Effective 3pm, Thursday, July 30, 2020


Hey Flingers fans! Effective 3pm July 30, we’ll be back open for delivery, pickup, and outdoor dining! Lots of details below if you’re interested, but here are the headlines: tests were all negative, on-site dining will return exclusively to outdoor-only like we did back in June, and we hope you’ll order Flingers soon!

Flingers public statement explaining our recent July 26 closure and subsequent July 30 re-opening.


FULL TEXT of July 30 statement:

Effective at 3pm, July 30, 2020, Flingers is OPEN for delivery, pickup, and outdoor dining! (Indoor dining will remain suspended indefinitely.)

On Sunday (7/26) we made the decision to close all operations. At the time we made that decision, no employee had received a positive test. Again, we did not close because someone on staff tested positive. Rather, two front-of-house employees responsibly informed us that, during a personal interaction away from Flingers, they had been in the vicinity of someone else who later received a positive test. Our two employees never became symptomatic, and there was never any evidence to suggest they posed a risk, but to err on the aggressive side of caution, we chose to suspend indoor dining, followed shortly thereafter by choosing to close all operations so that any of our staff’s lingering doubts and concerns could be alleviated through an employee-wide round of testing.

New Information:
We’re happy to report that the two employees in question have both tested negative. And not just once, but twice. In our effort to go above-and-beyond and remove any potential false results, Employee 1 was tested twice, as was Employee 2. All four tests came back negative. Subsequently, the rest of our staff also agreed to be tested, and of the 20+ who have received results, all have been negative.

Going Forward:
During our shutdown earlier this week, we created a small internal taskforce charged with developing new policies that protect our team while also avoiding future operational shutdowns. Those details can remain internal (as they impact staff, not customers), but we believe we’ve developed a solid plan which achieves both those goals.

To customers…as we return to delivery, pickup, and outdoor-only dining effective July 30, we expect your experience to be great! Similar to how it was in June, we’ll move the picnic tables back out into the parking lot, and you can still pop inside to use the restroom. The only difference from June is that we will continue with table-side service rather than asking you to order at the outdoor host stand. We hope you’ll choose to come have a beer and dine outside with us soon!





Previous update from Sun, July 26

Effective July 26, 2020, 3pm


Hey everyone. After careful consideration, and out of an abundance of proactive caution, we’ve decided to temporarily shutdown all operations here at Flingers (including delivery and pickup), effective immediately (Sun, 7/26). This week, we’ll continue to deep clean the entire restaurant, and all 40+ employees will receive tests to ensure both good health and peace of mind. This is not a decision we take lightly, but our employees are the engine that makes Flingers run, and their health is our priority. Hang with us. We’ll see you again soon.




Previous Update from Sat, July 25


Hey everyone! We’re suspending indoor dine-in service for the rest of the night (Sat, 7/25) to deep clean the inside of the restaurant, and will then be returning exclusively to outdoor dining service beginning Sunday morning 7/26. Earlier this week, two front-of-house employees were in the vicinity of a person who later received a positive test. This interaction did not take place at Flingers, and as our employees were also properly socially distanced, there’s currently no evidence to suggest they were effected, but to err on the extreme side of caution, we’ve chosen to suspend indoor dine-in. And our two employees are, of course, taking subsequent precautions as well. Pickup and delivery service will safely continue tonight, and outdoor dining in the beer garden will open back up tomorrow (Sunday). If any other updates are necessary, we’ll keep you informed. Thanks!