Flingers Coronavirus Update (May 30, 2020)

Effective May 30, 2020


Flingers is now open for outdoor seating. Lots of details below, but remember this and you’ll be fine: SIT, SCAN, STAND. First, you SIT down. Next, you SCAN the QR code at your table to access the menu on your phone. Then you walk up and order at the service STAND. SIT, SCAN, STAND. Got it?

More details below:

ALL outdoor seating will be first come, first served. We will not be accepting reservations, nor call aheads, for any of the outdoor seating at any time. We’re moving a handful of 4-seat bar tables into the Beer Garden, and moving the 6-seat blue picnic benches into the west parking spaces that face our front door. So when you pull in, PLEASE drive slowly, because there will now be people on both sides of you. And as a guest sitting at one of the blue picnic benches, PLEASE look left before coming up to the service stand.

After you park, the first thing you should do is grab an open table (if one is available) and SIT down. There’s only a handful of them. We’ll see you. If all the tables are occupied when you get here, go up to the service stand, ask to be placed on the waitlist, and we’ll give you a buzzer. You’re then welcome to linger in your car or in a properly-distanced area and have a beer until your buzzer goes off. Also, if you pull-in and see all the tables are full, assume there’s other people waiting with buzzers, and go ask at the service stand. Don’t be the new guy who swoops in and takes a table someone else has been waiting for.

So…..park, and if there’s an open table, SIT first.

Once you’re sitting at a table, whip out your smartphone camera and SCAN the QR code on the napkin holder to access the menu. We put the whole thing on a new website, so you’ll be able to tap, swipe, pinch and zoom around to figure out what you want.

When you’re ready to order, have one person in your party get up, walk over to the service STAND, and place the whole order for the table. While at the stand, you’ll have the opportunity to wash your hands, and then you’ll be responsible for taking paper plates and plastic silverware back to your table. After that, just hang out at your table and your food and drinks will be brought out to you.


During your visit, there may be a staff member occasionally walking by to collect garbage (like airplane flight attendants do), but you will not have a server regularly walking by to ask about refills or drinks. So if you want a soda refill or want to order something else during your visit (like another round of beers), please go back up to the service stand and place that order yourself.

When you’re finished and ready to close-out your ticket, go up and pay at the service stand.

Some additional notes:
• We will close down ALL outdoor seating in advance of potentially inclement weather. Admittedly, we’ll play this by ear, but if the forecast calls for rain, expect that we will be shutting it all down. We’ll do our best to communicate these decisions to you on the Flingers Twitter, but feel free to call and ask for updates.
• You’re welcome to use the bathrooms inside, but you must wear a facemask to gain entry.
• No more than 6 people in a party.
• No smoking or vaping outside, even at the blue picnic tables.
• If anyone from your table wants to come wash their hands at the service stand, that’s fine. We’ll have either sanitizer or soap-and-water options available.
• A new glass will be brought to you if you want a drink refill. And at the end, if you have leftovers, we’ll give you an empty box to load them up yourself.
• Still open at 11am everyday, but outdoor seating will close at 9pm Sun-Thu, and 10pm Fri & Sat.

Thank you, and we can’t wait to see you again!




Previous Updates…

Full Text Below:

To Flingers friends & customers, As we continue to observe the stay-at-home order issued by Governor Pritzker through its current end date of April 7, we remain open exclusively for carry-out and delivery service for both food and growler fills. And of course, we continue to take extra precautions to make these experiences as safe as possible. Additionally, below are a few highlighted updates.

New Hours Effective March 30:
We remain OPEN at 11am, every day of the week. Our new daily closing hours for pickup and delivery are as follows: Sunday – Thursday | closed at 11pm Friday – Saturday | closed at Midnight

If Phones are Busy or Online Ordering says ‘Closed’ (PLEASE READ BELOW!)
Flingers uses a 3rd party service for online ordering, giving us limited control over the alerts you see. Currently, when you try to place an online order outside of our open hours, you are shown a red alert that says the store is closed. Ordinarily, this isn’t a problem because you simply assume the store is closed “for the day.” But given the current situation, that same alert could be misunderstood as Flingers being closed “all the time.” We want to assure you that Flingers is not closed. We are still open for pickup & delivery during the new hours above throughout the duration of the stay-at-home order. If you see the red ‘closed’ alert in our online ordering system, it likely means that you’re trying to order outside of our open hours. Occasionally however (such as busy Friday or Saturday dinner times), you may see the red ‘closed’ alert during our open hours. If so, it only means we have manually turned off online ordering temporarily because our ovens cannot handle any new orders that day; it does not mean the store itself is ‘closed’ overall. Same goes for endlessly busy phones. If you call during our open hours but still can’t get through after several attempts, it likely means we have manually shut our phones off temporarily because our ovens cannot handle any new orders at that time. Busy phones do not mean the store is ‘closed’ overall.

Thank you for your continued support!