Growler Bomb Special

Flingers Growler Bomb Special

NEW SPECIAL! Introducing the Growler Bomb Special, where you get a free Tiny Bomb when you buy a growler of craft beer. More details below…please read ‘em, because your question has already been anticipated & answered.



◾ Special valid Monday thru Thursday only
◾ Yes, the special is available for both pickup and delivery (delivery orders will be credit card only, no cash)
◾ Yes, the special is available through online ordering! (See specific details below)
◾ Yes, the special applies both to new growler jugs from us ($5 upcharge) and refills if you already have a growler. (See specific details below)
◾ No ‘per person’ limits. If you get 3 growlers, you’ll get 3 free Tiny Bombs.
◾ No, you can’t add toppings to your free Tiny Bomb.
◾ In addition to our Online Ordering interface, all growler pricing is also on our Untappd here:
◾ Remember, a growler should be consumed within one week of purchase, and 2 days after opened.



◾ Get started here: and then once you get to the Menu, click the Daily Specials tab on the left. Use this interface to apply your coupon for the Growler Bomb Special and then choose your beer.
◾ If you choose to order online, whether for pickup or delivery, you’ll be buying a new growler jug from us. This is obvious for delivery (since we have to bring your beer to you in something). But for pickup, you may think to yourself, “Hey, I already have my own growler jug, so I’ll order online for pickup, and then I’ll just bring my own growler for a refill…” NO. You can’t do that. Not when ordering online. If you’re ordering online, even for pickup, you must buy a new growler from us. If you want your own growler re-filled, you can’t order online.



◾ Call ahead or order online and we’ll have a filled growler(s) & your free Tiny Bomb(s) waiting for you when you arrive, or…
◾ Just drive-up unannounced and order on-the-spot at the window
◾ If you do just pull up to the pickup window and order on-the-spot, we’ll obviously have to go make your free Tiny Bomb real quick…which is fine! That takes about 10 minutes start-to-finish, so if we finish filling your growler first, we may ask you to pull up out of the way, and then we’ll bring your free Tiny Bomb out to you when it’s done.


PICKUP (if bringing your own growler)

◾ If you’re bringing your own growler for a refill, you MUST order on-the-spot at the window. No call-aheads and no online ordering if you’re bringing your own growlers.
◾ HOWEVER, if you want additional food BEYOND the free Tiny Bomb that comes with your growler, it’s okay to place the additional FOOD order online in advance so we can have it ready when you eventually show up. But if you’re bringing your own growler for a refill, you just can’t do anything “growler-related” in advance.
◾ Also, if you’re bringing your own for a refill, it MUST be a proper 64oz growler or 32oz howler. Random containers will NOT be filled.


GOT ALL THAT! There may be a quiz….lol