Growlers | Sunday, 3/22 ONLY


Hey, you guys want all this craft beer? GROWLERS. Sunday, 3/22 only (for now). Details below, please read…

There are 27 craft beers on tap (currently listed on Untappd and above in the graphic). Also, HUGE shout-out to Riggs Beer Company for helping us with everything!



◾ Cannot place any growler orders online. Gotta call, or just stop by the pickup window and order on the spot.
◾ No ‘per person’ limits. Order as many as you can afford, beer hoarder.
◾ First come, first served.
◾ All pricing is on our Untappd here:
◾ As kegs blow, they will be removed from Untappd (we’ll try to keep up)
◾ Sorry, you will not get a free pizza ‘Keg Blow Card’ for blowing a keg
◾ If you keep trying to call but can’t get through, we may have shut the phones off. In that case, you’ll just have to drive-up to the window.
◾ We will NOT accept growler orders via social media. Nice try tho.
◾ Remember, a growler should be consumed within one week of purchase, and 2 days after opened.
◾ Please be patient with us.



◾ Yes, we will deliver growlers. Call to order.
◾ Delivery orders will be credit card only, no cash.
◾ There will be a $5 upcharge per growler on top of the price listed on Untappd (since you need to buy one of our growlers in order for us to bring it to you. It will not be a deposit; you’re buying a growler for $5).
◾ If you want both food AND a growler delivered, DO NOT place the food order online and then call to place the growler order. Just CALL for everything.
◾ Please be patient with us.


PICKUP (if bringing your own growler)

◾ Yes, you can bring your own growlers (64oz) and/or howlers (32oz) and we will fill them at no extra upcharge.
◾ Just drive-up unannounced and order on-the-spot at the window
◾ Again, if you are bringing your own, you MUST order on-the-spot at the window. NO CALL AHEADS if you’re bringing your own growlers.
◾ Also, if you’re bringing your own, it MUST be a proper growler. Random containers will NOT be filled.
◾ Please be patient with us.


PICKUP (if NOT bringing your own growler)

◾ Yes, you can still come buy & pickup growlers at our window if you don’t have your own growler.
◾ Call ahead and we’ll have a filled growler(s) waiting for you when you arrive, or…
◾ Just drive-up unannounced and order on-the-spot at the window
◾ Remember if choosing this option that you’ll have to buy our growler at the window (for the $5 upcharge per growler).


JEEZ! Enough info for ya!? Get ready. Sunday’s gonna be awesome. And please, be patient with us.