Illinois Craft Beer Week 2018


Did you guys know that not every week is Illinois Craft Beer Week? This shocked us more than discovering some of our friends were hearing Yanny. After all, on any given day, our taps are gushing with local goodness, but there’s apparently one week set aside specifically for celebrating Illinois beer…and this is it. So we’re jumping in with a medley of highlights, one different Illinois beer each day, some because they’re new & exotic, and others just because we like them.

Here’s who we’re shining the spotlight on this week:

Mo 5/21 | Lil Beaver Now I Know My Coconut
Tu 5/22 | White Oak & BuckleDown Big Buckle Brown
We 5/23 | Excel Black Breath
Th 5/24 | Destihl Tiny Tap Takeover ft./Grapefruit Vertex
Fr 5/25 | Triptych Because Stout #03

Drop by this week and “officially” celebrate Illinois Craft Beer with us here at Flingers!