Introducing… Saul Gouda

FPP - Saul Gouda (FB Graphic)

When you get yourself stuck in a pizza predicament, you need an attorney you can crust…a man comfortable with honey laundering, bacon and entering, and being the target of a chive-by fooding. Introducing….Saul Gouda.
He’s got a BBQ-sauce base with a 4-cheese blend featuring 60% Gouda, and shares a shingle with pork sausage, honey-drizzled bacon, fresh tomato, chives, and crispy fried onions….the perfect comfy-tasting, nerve-soother to make you relax when you need to calm down.
Come meet Saul Gouda. He’s only on retainer during the month of March at Flingers. Get it now for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering. :-)