June’s Monthly Fling

It’s The Monthly Fling, a small bundle of new items here at Flingers which will be great for a month, then they’ll be over. Just like a fling.

Heyyy man, we’re floating into summer with a new pizza called the Hippie, an appetizer of Sweet Corn Nuggets, and a far out new Reese’s Pieces Skillet Cookie. Plus, two special beverages that aren’t for teeny boppers: a Basil Mojito, and some Mija Red Sangria. More details below…

The Hippie is the groovy pizza you’d take to the Woodstock 50th anniversary concert, featuring a pesto-ricotta base, spinach, red onion, zucchini, peppadew and a mozzarella/feta cheese blend, all topped with an extra virgin olive oil drizzle and a parmesan/Italian herb blend after baking. It’s the colorful new veggie anthem of the counterculture.

We’re also serving up some Sweet Corn Nuggets with powdered sugar, and then for dessert, our Reese’s Pieces Skillet Cookie is a quarter pound of chocolate chip cookie dough, 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and Reese’s Peanut Butter whipped cream topped with Reese’s Pieces candy and a caramel dressing. You’re not strong enough to resist this, so just yield to the temptation…

It’s the Monthly Fling, your new infatuations for the month of June. Get your fill now at Flingers Pizza Pub for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering before you get tired of them and call it quits at the end of the month. Just like a fling.

The Hippie ($14.49/$18.49)
Sweet Corn Nuggets ($6.99)
Reese’s Pieces Skillet Cookie ($9.99)
Basil Mojito ($7)
Mija Red Sangria ($6.50)