Lightning Lunch (January 2019 Updates)


Big news: we’ve added a Veggie craft pizza to our regular stack of Lightning Lunch slices! So when you roll up for the fastest and bestest weekday lunch deal in town, you now have 4 different slice options:

🍕 Pepperoni
🍕 Sausage
🍕 Meat Craft (rotating daily)
🍕 Veggie Craft (rotating daily)

Also still featuring $1.25 sodas and $2.50 fixed side salads. Order at the host stand, pay at the host stand, get your Flingers fix and be on your way quick… OR…stay in your car, pull into our drive-thru lane and just order at the window. Every Monday thru Friday, 11am – 2pm.

And if you have a little bit more time to spare, we’re also still offering the following lunch specials:

  • 2 Flinger Rolls (with 2 stuffings) for only $5 …..ready in less than 8 minutes.
  • Selfie Salad (with 4 toppings) for only $7 ……ready in less than 7 minutes.

Plus, if you can have a beer during your weekday lunch hour, you’ll get a slice of pizza for free with the purchase of any craft beer on tap. That’s our Work/Slice Balance special.

Come get struck by the Lightning Lunch, now with a regular Veggie Craft slice, only at Flingers Pizza Pub!