Lightning Lunch

FPP Beer Binder - Lightning Lunch Insert (Website Graphic)


Introducing the Lightning Lunch: $1 slices, $1 sodas, $2 side salads, fresh & ready when you get here. Order at the host stand, pay at the host stand, get your Flingers fix and be on your way quick. OR…stay in your car, pull into our drive-thru lane and just order at the window. Every Monday thru Friday, 11am – 2pm at Flingers Pizza Pub.

Seriously, $1 slices. Without any wait.

Do you care about your money? Do you have to get back to work fast? Are you tired of fighting traffic in the frustratingly slow drive-thru lines at other places? Then start coming to Flingers for lunch. It’ll be shockingly cheap. It’ll be electrifyingly fast. And it’ll still be the top-notch Flingers pizza slice & side salad quality you know and love.

Come get struck by the Lightning Lunch, new at Flingers Pizza Pub.


And if you have a little bit more time to spare, we’re also offering the following new lunch specials:

  • QuesaPizzaDilla (with 2 stuffings) for only $7 …..that’s a 30% savings… and it’s ready in less than 10 minutes.
  • Tiny Bomb (with 2 toppings) for only $7 …..that’s a 30% savings… and it’s ready in 10 minutes.
  • 2 Flinger Rolls (with 2 stuffings) for only $5 …..that’s a 25% savings… and they’re ready in less than 8 minutes.
  • Selfie Salad (with 4 toppings) for only $5 …..that’s a 35% savings… and it’s ready in less than 7 minutes.

Plus, if you can have a beer during your weekday lunch hour, you’ll get a slice of pizza for free with the purchase of any craft beer on tap. That’s our Work/Slice Balance special.

All of this is only valid from 11am – 2pm Monday thru Friday. So become a regular at the Lightning Lunch!