March’s Monthly Fling

This craic is 90. ☘️ It’s March’s Monthly Fling.

Out with the gray, in with the green. As local life begins to look alive again, match that mood at Flingers with a splash o’shamrock. Start with Cork’s Corned Beef Dip, featuring corned beef, lots of cheese, and chives. Then seek comfort by calling on the Patron Saint, our new pizza featuring broccoli, bacon, red onion, and fried diced potatoes on a white cheese sauce base. It absolves you of anything.

But the real treats this month might be dessert and drinks. You want the Wee Bit Irish Cookie. Legend says ordering it brings 7 days good luck to your table. And at the bar, we’ve created this glowing green tropical juice bomb called Patrick’s Punch, as well as bringing in Magners Irish Cider (known as Bulmers in Ireland) for a one-month run.

At Flingers Pizza Pub in March, there’s joy at the end of your rainbow. Order online now:
The Patron Saint ($14.99/$18.99)
Cork’s Corned Beef Dip ($10.49)
Wee Bit Irish Cookie ($9.49)
Patrick’s Punch ($6.50)
Magners Irish Cider ($5.50)