Thumbnail describing May's Monthly Fling at Flingers Pizza Pub

May Monthly Fling (2020)

The new Desperado pizza at Flingers Pizza Pub

Desperado Pizza in May’s Monthly Fling

The new Street Taco Fries at Flingers Pizza Pub

Street Taco Fries in May’s Monthly Fling

The new Chili-Lime Dry Rub Wings at Flingers Pizza Pub

Chili-Lime Dry Rub Wings in May’s Monthly Fling

The full May Monthly Fling at Flingers Pizza Pub

The full bundle in May’s Monthly Fling


Mask up, outlaw. It’s May’s Monthly Fling. Order online now:

Welcome to the strange wilderness known as May 2020, lol. Blaze a trail through this crucial month with our new pizza…The Desperado. Featuring carnitas & jalapeños on a garlic butter base with a cool rope of cilantro lime crema to balance the heat, we think it’ll be one of your new favorites.

Riding shotgun is a new appetizer of Street Taco Fries, with a pile of carnitas, cheddar, cilantro lime crema, and our homemade pico de gallo smothering a stack of Flingers fries…and then a new Chili-Lime Dry Rub for our wings.

This is one that you don’t overthink; you just order all 3 pieces and enjoy yourself while keeping your eyes on the promised land ahead. Available at Flingers Pizza Pub in May only, for pickup and delivery.
Desperado ($14.99/$18.99)
Chili-Lime Dry Rub Wings ($7.99/$14.99)
Street Taco Fries ($9.49)