FPP - Untappd Local Board TV Ad Slide (Revolutionight)

Who wants keeper pint glasses and limited release beer? You? Do you want keeper pint glasses and limited release beer? Well then get out ya seats and jump around, because Thursday at 4pm, it’s a special RevolutioNight here at Flingers. 

Revolution Brewing up in Chicago somehow let a rare keg of Working Mom Imperial Brown Ale find its way onto a truck headed downstate, and we called dibs on it. So starting at 4pm Thursday, we’re tapping-in this 13.5% bourbon barrel-aged imperial monster and serving it in 10oz glasses. It will go quickly. You better make sure you get some.

Additionally, we’ll have Revolution Anti-Hero on tap, and $7 gets you a fill-up of that delicious IPA in a Revolution pint glass which you’ll get to keep! 

[One glass per person; while supplies last]

Keeper pint glasses and limited release beer. We’ll see you at Flingers starting at 4pm Thursday for RevolutioNight!