September’s Monthly Fling 2020


Your mouth isn’t prepared for all this hotness. It’s September’s Monthly Fling. Order online now.

Turn up the heat with The Party Fowl, the new pizza featuring our Nashville Hot fried chicken (tossed in our Flingers original recipe, made-from-scratch Nashville hot sauce) on a ranch & coleslaw base with a mozzarella-gouda cheese blend. It’s gonna be a hit. We predict you’ll order it at least 3 times this month. 😉

The fling fills-out with a trifecta of appetizing baskets. First, your new favorite might be these Chipotle Honey BBQ Rib Tips, featuring a mountain of pecanwood smoked meat, offered in either a half pound or a full pound. But when you’re ready to re-ignite the furnace, choose the Jalapeño Popper Toasted Ravioli or an order of Texas Dust Wings featuring a Texas Dust dry rub.

Not to be outdone, the bar is fanning the flames with the Bourbon Smashville!, featuring Buffalo Trace, mezcal, and fresh blackberries. It’s the cocktail for a smoky mountain high.

Come enjoy a slow burn this month. It’s September’s Monthly Fling, available at Flingers Pizza Pub during September only, for both indoor & outdoor dining, pickup and delivery.
The Party Fowl ($15.49/$19.49)
Chipotle Honey BBQ Rib Tips ($5.99/$10.99)
Jalapeño Popper Toasted Ravioli ($7.29)
Texas Dust Wings ($8.29/$14.99)
Bourbon Smashville! ($8.50)