Special Operating Hours (March 18-22)

FPP - Pizza Expo 2018 Special Hours Graphic

It’s International Pizza Expo Week out in Las Vegas, and it’ll be our CEO Pat Fruin’s 10th year attending. Over the years, he’s used the Expo to make a lot of industry connections, stay on top of the latest trends, and learn the tools of the pizza-making trade. We truly think Flingers is a better place because Pat attends this Expo. (And let’s be honest, the Expo is a better place because Pat attends. :-) But we digress…)
After nearly a decade of flying (mostly) solo, Pat’s taking a handful of top Flingers execs with him this year, where they’ll also acquire new magic powers to make Flingers better. (Well, as long as they take notes and aren’t expected to rely on their memories…because, you know, Vegas.)
So because we’ll be a bit understaffed at some key positions this week, we’re adjusting our operating hours from Sunday, March 18 through Thursday, March 22nd. Details are in the graphic, but in case that won’t load for some reason, here they are:
Sun, March 18th – all services closed at 10pm
Mon, March 19th & Tue, March 20th – delivery and pickup open 11am – 10pm, and dine-in open 4pm – 10pm. (So that means no Lightning Lunch slices on Monday & Tuesday.)
Wed, March 21st & Thu, March 22nd – all services open from 11am – 11pm. (So yes, that means the Lightning Lunch returns on Wednesday.)
And then everything is back to normal on Friday, March 23rd.
Flingers invades the Pizza Expo this week…and what is learned in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas. It comes back to Bloomington and makes Flingers even better. :-)