The Anti-Gyro

You know he’s broken. You know she’s flawed. You know his methods are questionable and that you have every reason to root against her… and yet, like a magnet, we’re all still drawn… to the Anti-Gyro.

Reluctantly making the world a better place, the deliciously defiant Anti-Gyro features a cynically unconventional 3-cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone & feta, with a vengefully self-centered heap of beef & lamb gyro meat. But freshly diced tomatoes and bright dollops of tzatziki sauce remind you there’s a heart of gold in there somewhere.

Are we saying this pizza is as efficiently chaotic as Tyler Durden, Walter White, or Louise Belcher? Yes. Are we saying this pizza is as irresistibly charming as Don Draper, Deadpool, or Captain Jack Sparrow? Yes. Are we saying this pizza is as morally flexible as Dr. House, Wolverine, or Tony Soprano? No. But also yes. It’s flexible.

What we do know is that the Anti-Gyro shows up with perfect timing, like when you think all hope is lost and out of nowhere he swoops in to help you destroy the Death Star. But then he doesn’t hang around for long. Staying put is for heroes, but this is the Anti-Gyro, and she needs to keep moving, before you realize all that anger and resentment is just protecting the big softy on the inside. So during September only, get the tasty new Anti-Gyro at Flingers Pizza Pub for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering.