The Don Bomb


Let’s you and me take a walk. We wanna introduce you to a friend of ours. This here is the Don Bomb.

The Don Bomb made his button back in the Meat Brawls of the 90’s, when all the pizza families were fighting for control of the best meat toppings. Don Bomb single-handedly clipped a whole rival crew over a beef dispute, and the rest hit the mattresses, leaving Don Bomb as the ‘Boss of the Meat Brawls,’ which a few street kids couldn’t pronounce so good, so he got known as Boss Meatballs. It stuck, and from then on, meatballs became his iconic topping. Over the years, when the books were open, he added in some other stand-up guys like spinach, red onion, and the biggest earner: Italian seasoning-infused Ricotta cheese. We think he’s even better dipped in marinara, so he’s always accompanied by some red sauce associates.

The Don Bomb: it’s an offer you can’t refuse. But everyone’s gunning for the boss, so get him at Flingers Pizza Pub for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering during October only, before someone fills his contract and we have to get a place ready.