The Venetian

What happens in Vegas…reminds us of Venice.

A troop of our top brass attended the Vegas Pizza Expo earlier this spring, and one afternoon, Casey woke up to find himself floating around the Doge’s Palace on a long boat beneath a red-scarfed man in a striped shirt and a straw hat. As soon as this pleasant gondolier said, “Ciao!”, inspiration flowed like a Grand Canal and Casey created….the Venetian.

Featuring garlic, fire-roasted tomatoes, and delicious dollops of ricotta cheese, then finished with an olive oil drizzle…this light, summery, all-veggie pizza makes a great last meal before you’re mercilessly dragged across the Bridge of Sighs.

Also….because we love our dough, we generally recommend our hand-tossed crust (shown in the photo) for most pizzas, but several of us thought The Venetian worked particularly well on our thin crust, too. So maybe give thin crust a try for this one and see what you think.

Float into Flingers this month and experience The Venetian before the whole city sinks into the ocean. Get it for dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering during August only.