Tim Cummings to Become Next Owner of Flingers Pizza Pub

Photo of Tim Cummings, new owner of Flingers Pizza Pub

Tim Cummings, incoming owner of Flingers Pizza Pub


August 31, 2020  |  Introducing Tim Cummings as the incoming owner of Flingers Pizza Pub! In the weeks ahead, Tim and Pat will be working together to ensure a smooth transition before Tim officially takes the ownership reigns toward the end of September. Join us in welcoming Tim to Flingers!

Press release announcing Tim's incoming ownership


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August 31, 2020

The Peoria native will officially take the reigns in September.

Cummings brings a unique perspective, gaining restaurant management experience through his 20’s before becoming a pizzeria owner himself. Most recently, he brings a wealth of operational knowledge from the telecommunications industry, where he has built a long career.

“The industries may be different, but the importance of taking care of the customer is the same,” he said.

Cummings’ prior pizzeria venture was with Abbondante‘s in the 90’s. “I really enjoyed owning my own business,” he said, “and I always said I would get back into this line of work if the right place became available. When I learned Pat was looking to step away from Flingers, I jumped at the chance. It’s not often you find an opportunity to get back into leadership with such an established local brand. Pat and his team have made Flingers a household name, and I’m honored to keep building on that foundation.”

Cummings and Fruin envision a seamless transition without many noticeable changes, and they believe this reassurance is important to both customers and staff.

“I’m not here to start changing things,” Cummings insisted. “This isn’t a failing business that needs a massive overhaul, and I’m not bringing in my own team of people to replace anyone. Far from it. Pat, his team, and a loyal fanbase have built Flingers into a popular fixture of the local restaurant scene, so everything and everyone you know and love will stay the same. Flingers will remain the home of craft pizza and craft beer.”

“The biggest difference will be that now the hard questions come to me instead of Pat,” Cummings joked.

Cummings says his focus will be continuing to oversee many of the decisions & processes implemented by Fruin, while beginning to imagine what it looks like for Flingers to grow.

“Pat is handing-off a fully-developed brand with easily-scalable ideas and products. I’m sure I’ll need a year or two to get my feet under me, but the future is bright, and I’m excited for what the next chapter may hold,” Cummings said.

The exact date of the ownership transition is yet to be determined, and more information will be released as it becomes available. Flingers will celebrate its 5th anniversary at the Vernon Ave location on September 23.


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