Tiny Tap Takeover Tour: Founders Dankwood

The 2018 Tiny Tap Takeover Tour continues on Thursday at 4pm as Founders Brewing barrels back into our bar and holds hostage 4 of our handles …and that’s fine with us because they’re bringing a keg of Dankwood.

We’ve featured ReDANKulous on tap before, and Dankwood is essentially the barrel-aged version of that. We can’t wait to try it with you on Thursday afternoon here at Flingers. The lineup also includes All Day IPA, Red’s Rye IPA, and an eccentric new watermelon gose called Green Zebra that we think is perfect for spring.
The tappenings will all be wide open by 4pm on May 3rd, so make plans to be at Flingers because we’re not sure how long the Dankwood will last. Especially since we’re drinking it too. Obviously.