Tiny Tap Takeover Tour: Surly (Darkness 2018)

The 2018 Tiny Tap Takeover Tour continues on Thursday, November 15 at 4pm as darkness descends upon Flingers…
Surly’s Darkness russian imperial stout is consistently one of the highest-rated, most-anticipated beers of the year. Each annual release also features a new piece of killer artwork (which we love around here). Well we just happen to have a batch of 2017 Darkness…AND a batch of 2018 Darkness, so we thought it’d be a fun experience for you to embrace total darkness and drink them side-by-side for the ultimate comparison.
We’ll also have 4 other fantastic Surly brews on-tap, but the headline is Darkness vs. Darkness…
Here’s the full line-up:
◈ Darkness 2018
◈ Darkness 2017
◈ Xtra Citra
◈ Furious
◈ Coffee Bender
◈ Todd the Axeman
You know the drill: make sure you’re down here after 4pm Thursday before the darkness lifts…