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Online Ordering FAQ

Online Ordering is Activated! Now you can completely avoid awkward…
February 22, 2016/by Pat Fruin

Sunday Night Trivia

Smart is the new sexy. Come show-off that brain, hot stuff. Every…
February 22, 2016/by Pat Fruin


As of today (Feb. 3, 2016), we've been open for exactly 19 weeks.…
February 3, 2016/by Pat Fruin

Hours, Reservations & Parking

Since opening back in late September, we've intentionally kept…
February 1, 2016/by Pat Fruin

Introducing the Cheeseburglar

  Behind the scenes, we experiment.   We're always looking…
January 13, 2016/by flingers_admin

Now Open for Lunch 7 Days a Week!

At long last, we're open for lunch at 11am every day of the week. Every.…
December 18, 2015/by Pat Fruin

Now Open for Weekend Lunch!

Flingers is opening for lunch on the weekends starting this weekend! Eventually,…
November 18, 2015/by Pat Fruin

TOP SECRET: Project Pie

Project Pie has been our yearlong, top secret effort to personify…
September 23, 2015/by Pat Fruin

What is Craft?

You've seen us talking a lot about "craft pizza" and "craft beer."…
September 22, 2015/by Pat Fruin

Flingers: What’s the Same & What’s Different

We know you're ready for some Cheesebombs & Flinger Rolls,…
September 21, 2015/by Pat Fruin

Flingers Pizza Pub to Open Wednesday, September 23!

No more secrets. No more guessing. No more wondering. It's been…
September 20, 2015/by Pat Fruin

A Good Sign of Things to Come…

46 years ago today, America planted a flag on the Moon. And today,…
July 20, 2015/by Pat Fruin


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