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In a small city known for its chains, Flingers is a local restaurant that embraces the concept of craft. We’re famous for craft pizza, cheesebombs, Flinger Rolls, Monthly Fling specials, craft beer, and fun programs that turn customers into collaborators. If you’re from out-of-town and visiting Illinois State University or Illinois Wesleyan, or if you’re here on business, put a trip to Flingers on your list…because locals have once again named us one of 2023’s best, voting Flingers the Best Overall Restaurant for the 4th year in a row, the Best Bar in Bloomington-Normal for the 7th year in a row, the Best Pizza in Bloomington-Normal for the 6th year out of the last seven, and for the first time, as the Best Chicken Wings in Bloomington-Normal. This is the local place, where locals go, that locals love.

Pizza isn’t new. But you’ve never had pizza with our secret dough recipe, top quality ingredients, and innovative topping combinations, creatively personified with clever names and custom character artwork. That’s what makes it craft, and it’s what’s made us one of the best pizza places in Bloomington-Normal. Take your pizza experience to the next level.  

Find Your Craft Pizza

Sometimes you don’t want red sauce. Or any sauce. Cheesebombs feature our 3-cheese blend melted directly atop a buttery homemade pan crust. Cut into strips and served with dipping sauces. It’s what made us famous.

Find Your Cheesebomb

After all this time, we still battle over the best way to describe a Flinger Roll. “Cheesy, baked, handheld, mini-calzone, burrito-croissant wrap” might be a little wordy. Fortunately, it hasn’t mattered, because they’re a delicious duo of dough and cheese. Stuff them with toppings and build a masterpiece.

Fill Your Flinger Rolls

We like to keep it fresh, so the kitchen brainstorms a special new bundle of clever craft creations each month. They’re not a package deal. You can pick-and-choose. But newfangled ideas like these probably shouldn’t last forever. So just like a fling, it’s great for about a month, and then it’s over. Try this one before it ends as awkwardly and abruptly as your last relationship.

Have a Fling

Craft Beer

Always 25+ craft beers on tap, including local options from Destihl, Keg Grove, Lil Beaver, White Oak, and Triptych. Displayed with beer cards featuring vital stats on the front, and understandable flavor descriptions on the back to help you choose, our innovative baseball card beer menu is part of what makes Flingers one of the best bars in Bloomington-Normal.

Famous Beer Cards

beer style
pizza of several small glasses of beer that are all different shades of yellow, orange and red
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Craft Customers

Flingers is your pizza pub, so let’s build a restaurant where you’re an active collaborator, not just a cardboard cutout. Here are the latest ways you’re leaving your mark on Flingers.

This is the longest running (200+ episodes) and most popular (700+ comments) weekly Facebook trivia contest in Bloomington, IL! We post a question, you make a guess, and the first to be closest without going over wins a free medium pizza!

Will You Make the Board?

Local artist and Project Pie 3 champion Dillon Elliott has completed the new batch of Flingers Craft Characters!

See the Full Cast Now!

What is a Beer Card Immortal?

Craft beer drinkers are familiar with Untappd, the leading geosocial media platform for sharing beer reviews. You can unlock badges when you check-in, and when you unlock the Flingers Craft Badge at different tiers, you get different prizes. The top prize is that we’ll let you choose one of our famous beer cards, then we’ll re-write the description on the back to include that it’s your favorite beer. You become forever immortalized. It’s epic.

Hall of Immortals Coming Soon

Every year, local newspaper The Pantagraph hosts the Readers' Choice Awards. The 2023 results were released on Sept. 18th, and you’ve voted Flingers first place in 8 categories, including Best Overall Restaurant, Best Pizza, Best Bar, Best Wings, and Jules as the Best Bartender again, for the 2nd year in a row!

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