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We're searching for a new local artist to create the next full cast of Flingers craft characters
will it be you?

new artist

new characters

new vision

Currently Postponed until 2021

Submissions OPEN
Targeting April 2021

Submissions DEADLINE
Targeting May 2021

Targeting June 2021

How It Works

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Tips & Rules

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Contest Timeline

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You’re Almost Ready to Submit Your Art…

To officially enter Project Pie 3, you’ll need to do 3 things in the space below:

1) drag & drop your artwork
2) drag & drop your headshot photo
3) tell us a little about yourself.

Upload your 4 original characters as JPEG or PNG files.Before uploading, please make sure the filename of each image includes your name and the character:
(example: KateMartin-Superfreak.jpg)

Upload a good headshot photo that you’d be fine with us using in promotional materials if you advance.Again, before uploading, please make sure the filename of the image includes your name:
(example: KateMartin-Headshot.jpg)

Give us your first & last name and a valid email, and then in the text box, share something interesting about yourself and tell us what you love about Flingers.  Got it? NOW you’re ready to enter below! When you’re done, click Submit.

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Project Pie History

Our first two artists, Alex Zarek and McKenzie Palm, will forever hold a place in Flingers history. Take a walk down memory lane and see what made them champions.

Project Pie 1: Alex Zarek
Project Pie 2.0: McKenzie Palm

Still Have Questions?

If you still have a question that wasn’t answered in the ‘How It Works,’ ‘Tips & Rules,’ or ‘Contest Timeline’ links above, email us at contest@flingersprojectpie.com