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Re-Opening Tuesdays Starting April 4

Flingers Pizza Pub to Re-Open on Tuesdays

Good news everyone! The temporary Tuesday closure is over!

Starting April 4th, Flingers Pizza Pub in Bloomington-Normal is re-opening on Tuesdays, so you'll once again be able to get your Flingers fix 7 days a week.

Quick Backstory

Flingers has always taken pride in being open every day, because a day without the possibility of pizza is a painful day indeed. And yet, after a year of COVID-related stressors, by the time we reached mid-2021, our devoted staff frankly needed a break.

So in July 2021, we made the decision to start closing one day a week, and we chose Tuesdays.

Why? Because a lot of other restaurants in town are closed on Mondays. And we thought, hey, let's stay open on Mondays since people need a place to go. Plus, Monday is one of our half-price beer special days, which is pretty great. And occasionally, things like holidays and football games are on Mondays.

Point being, we wanted to be open Mondays. So Tuesday drew the short straw.  

But now, it's been almost 2 years. Things are normalizing. And we're ready to lift the Tuesday ban-hammer.

So starting at 11am, Tuesday, April 4th, 2023, we'll be re-opening on Tuesdays, and we'll return to being open 7 days a week!

Roll Call Tuesday Special Returns

That means we'll be resurrecting the Roll Call Special too. For fans of Flinger Rolls, it was a favorite, and we know you've missed it! But it's back. Two, 2-topping Flinger Rolls for just $6.50. That's a 30% savings on what two, 2-topping Flinger Rolls would normally cost. And it's only on Tuesdays.  

Help us spread the word, and come be part of the New Tue Crew starting April 4th!

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