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The Revolving Pour feat/Founders

We’re doing a new thing. It’s called The Revolving Pour. (My, what a snappy pun.)

All month long (in this case, July), we’ll be featuring the All Day series from Founders Brewing. The beers will be on tap one at a time, and then when that keg blows, we put the next one on. So we really don’t know when we’ll be switching beers. That’s entirely up to you.

All we know is that the order of the All Day lineup will go like this:

All Day IPA is up first.

When that blows, we’ll tap-in the All Day Haze.

And when that blows, we’ll do the All Day West Coast IPA.

And after that, who knows. Maybe we’ll have something else from the All Day Series…

As an extra incentive, these draft pints are only $5…and if you want an All Day keeper glass, it’s just an additional $2. (One glass per person, per visit, please.)

Come keep this Revolving Pour moving with Founders Brewing, all July at Flingers!

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